Since its 1968 inception, the name Etro has become synonymous with style. The ever fashion-forward Italian fashion house is more than just that – it is a lifestyle, above all aimed at quality, innovation and aesthetic refinement.Etro became known for its vibrant patterns, specifically paisley.

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Etro is an Italian fashion brand that was founded in Milan in 1968 by Gerolamo Etro and it was initially a textile design company. The paisley design became synonym to the brand but not immediately. It was in the early 80’s and after a trip to India that the paisley design was introduced into the brand’s furnishing textile creations. In 1984, Etro introduced leather goods to its collection. The first ever fashion show of Etro clothing was during Milan fashion week in 1996 but Etro dresses and bags and all the rest of the collection was available by direct mail orders. The orders were made through inserts found in The New York Times so the coveted items were not readily available making the even more sought after by fashionistas and home décor aficionados at the time. Later, they became available in retail stores but it was only in 2013 that Etro clothing finally became available online and the highly anticipated, first Etro Home store opened in Milan in 2014. The company, although it is identified with its founder Gerolammo ‘Gimmo’ Etro, is now run by his four children Kean Etro, Veronica Etro, Jacopo Etro and Ippolito Etro that are involved in all aspects of Etro clothing design, marketing and retail preserving the legacy of the legendary fashion house.

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