The House of KENZO was founded in Paris in 1970 by Takada Kenzo. Kenzo, a native of Himeji, Japan, attended Tokyo’s prestigious Bunka Fashion College as one of its first male students before making the move from Tokyo to Paris, where he opened his first boutique, “Jungle Jap.” He surprised the fashion world with his originality and the apparent celebration of diverse cultures, nature and colors in his designs.

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Founded in 1970 by Japanese designer Kenzo Takada, KENZO is one of the most luxurious and instantly recognizable fashion brands today. Kenzo Takanada moved to Paris from his native Japan in the early 60’s in order to kick start his fashion career. Within a few years, he became known for his characteristic European and Asian/Japanese fusion style and created handmade women’s clothing for Paris’s elite clientele. His first “Jungle” boutique opened its doors in Paris and was –naturally- decorated with the jungle style that makes Kenzo instantly identifiable today. Kenzo clothing incorporates the elegance and style of the Asian culture and art, fused together with the expert European craftsmanship therefore making a simple Kenzo t shirt a true work of art. Elaborate birds, jungle foliage, tigers, flowers, cartoon like heroes, stunning prints and many other Asian design elements have been adorning Kenzo clothing since the 80’s and have established the brand as one of the most luxurious fashion houses today adored by fashionistas and celebrities alike.

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