VINTAGE 55 is more a tribute to the experience of clothing that tends to get lost in the accumulation of events. A tribute not only to Anglo-American vintage clothing, but also to eras whose influence can be seen by anyone who picks up the trail of man's journey through time.

Vintage 55 clothing

Vintage 55 clothing an international brand of sophisticated casual apparel

Vintage 55 is an Italian designer brand that is inspired by the Ango-American culture. It was founded in 1997 by creative mastermind Marco Vedovato and initially imported and exported American denim and cotton items such as pants and shirts. In 2000 the brand decided to create a collection inspired by the Anglo-American icons and stories and the great ambitions of the past. The designs were met with success making Vintage 55 clothing an international brand of sophisticated casual apparel that has taken over the fashion world. Catering to modern nomads, and urban explorers Vintage 55 t shirts and clothing in general connects the present to the past bringing a vintage “aroma” to your everyday attire. Handcrafted and expertly tailored, Vintage 55 clothing bring the couture philosophy into a relaxed setting and from there into the casual wardrobe of today. Comfortable yet elegant, casual and stylish, Vintage 55 clothing is an exciting blend of debonair fashion and culture all stitched together to create amazing items. Vintage 55 t shirts and clothes have been seen worn by many celebrities and fashionistas and they are dominating social media feeds with their bold colours, instantly recognizable prints and classic cuts.

Vintage 55 t shirts

At Soho Soho you can find a wide variety of Vintage 55 clothing to fill your modern nomad wardrobe. A printed Vintage 55 t shirt or a comfortable shirt will accompany you to all your urban, nomadic adventures. A soft hoodie and a jacket on the other hand can shield you from the cold and instantly add style to your outfit. A pair of soft jeans or a pair of essential chino pants will travel with you to work or on that road trip abroad. So shop online at Soho Soho and make the brand that unites the present with the past in the most unique way a part of your own style. Sort through your choices, fill your basket, checkout in minutes and let the urban adventure begin.

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