Beachwear and swimwear

Beachwear and swimwear are key to any summer wardrobe

Beachwear and swimwear are an indispensable part of every summer wardrobe. Evolving through the decades from complete outfits with skirts and stockings to racy two piece suits, Beachwear and swimwear have been at the center of controversy and often outrage. The legendary bikini that was named after an island where nuclear tests used to take place, was the cause of public and religious uproar in the early 40’s. The reason for all the controversy was –believe it or not- the exposed belly button! Nowadays however, fashion, religion and society allows for artistic expression and embraces both the female and male bodies. Therefore, beachwear designers have had the license to experiment with designs and materials. We have seen designs such as the tankini and the pubekini emerge (with relative success) and new materials introduced. In 2000 for example, Speedo launched a material mimicking shark skin made for professional swimmers competing in major events. Designs have evolved dramatically but, in recent years, we have seen “older” patterns brought back into the spotlight like the high waist bikini bottoms and the characteristic 70’s designs. Beachwear swimsuits and dresses belong to an entire fashion category that includes everything from bikinis and one piece suits, to cover ups, kimonos, tops, skirts , flowing mini, midi and maxi dresses as well as all sorts of other unique clothing made for the beach. Come spring, women and men look for stylish ways to dress for the beach and the swimsuits no longer dominate the beachwear category.

Beachwear swimsuits and dresses

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An airy cotton top, a flowing skirt, a colourful cover up or a statement kimono are all pieces that are beachwear and swimwear essentials for every summer outing to the beach and you can find a very large collection online at Soho Soho. Shopping for Beachwear and swimwear online is made easy with our sorting tools and the fast checkout and delivery services make sure that you will have all your selected items delivered at your doorstep just in time for your weekend away. Find bikinis to mix and match and cover ups to accompany you to the beach. Discover luxury beachwear options for all the stylish pool parties you are invited to or functional cotton tops and shorts for your seaside adventures. Our collection of beachwear swimsuits and dresses is sorted by both colour and size making your beachwear and swimwear shopping experience fun and effortless, very much like your summer style. So, dive into our colourful summer collection and find all the basics you need to pack for that holiday abroad or on the Greek islands.

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