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Coats for women and men

The coat needs no introduction. It is the item of clothing worn for warmth as well as style and serves as the final touch to winter and autumn outfits. Its styles are numerous and the coat category encompasses everything from parkas and trench coats to kimonos and jackets. Embellished with ornate buttons or fur collars, blended with silk or waterproofed by synthetic fibers, coats for women and men come in all colors, shapes and of course sizes. The oversized coat has been trending for a while after all. However, traditionally, coats for women and men were made from materials such as cotton or wool, leather or suede and fur for warmth. Therefore, coats are indispensable to a winter wardrobe but can make both a fashion and a status statement. Cotton and wool coats and all the coats in between, serve fashion as well as function. A tailored, long coat looks luxurious as well as fashionable and a simple black trench is essential for almost every season. Worn over the shoulders by fashionistas or buttoned up by gentlemen of fashion, coats for women and men are an absolute necessity in both female and male wardrobes.

Cotton and wool coats

Shop for cotton and wool coats online at Soho Soho

At Soho Soho your choices are vast. You can find a casual but fashionable parka for your everyday attire or a more formal long coat for your evening outfits. A designer leather jacket, a silk ladies’ kimono or a simple black coat are but a few of your choices. At Soho Soho you can find the brown suede jacket to match your autumn outfits as well as the formal, navy blue, long coat you need to accompany your formal suits. You can use our tools to sort by material, size, style and price and make your choice easy. Match your outerwear to the style of your wardrobe easily by choosing and shopping online among hundreds of designer cotton and wool coats for men and women and welcome the cold months in style.

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