Founded in 1952 in Monestier-de-Clermont, Grenoble, France, Moncler is now located in Italy. Over the course of the years the brand has merged style with ongoing technological research, which harnesses the knowledge of mountaineering experts. Moncler collections combine extreme needs with day-to-day city life. In 2003, Remo Ruffini took over the company of which he is now Chairman. Moncler directly produces and distributes its own clothing and accessories collections through its direct boutiques and the world’s most exclusive department and multibrand stores.

Moncler jackets and coats for men and women

The Moncler jackets that have come to be instantly recognizable today were first created by René Ramillon in 1952. Monsieur Ramillon founded the lifestyle brand Moncler creating clothing fit for very harsh environments. The name Moncler stems from the abbreviation of MonestieR-De-Clermont which is a mountain village near Grenoble, France. The first down jackets were made by Moncler and René Ramillon in order to cater to the needs of workers that needed protection when working outdoors in the harsh mountain cold. They were enormously efficient and thus successful something which led to the expansion of the brand into making apparel suitable for extreme environments. Such was the craftsmanship and the protection offered by Moncler that in 1954, the brand’s jackets were chosen to be worn by the climbers of the Italian expedition that climbed and conquered the world’s second highest summit. When the winter Olympics were held in Grenoble, Moncler dressed the French downhill skiing team that competed in the games and that marked the change of the logo to include the cockerel. The French team also played an important part in the designing of the classic down jacket that we have come to know today, by becoming involved in the creation of its predecessor that paved the way for the iconic item’s success. Moncler jackets and coats for men and women were catapulted into fame after Italian entrepreneur Remo Ruffini introduced the strategy of the global jacket.

Moncler men’s clothing

At Soho Soho, we carry a wide selection of Moncler jackets and coats for men and women as well as Moncler men’s clothing. Make the iconic down puffer jacket a part of your outerwear attire and indulge in the warmth of its protection and the style of its design. A parka or a hooded bomber jacket trimmed with fur are essentials whether you are an outdoorsman or simply a man of style. Moncler men’s clothing are as warm as they are stylish and a favourite among fashionistas and professionals. Find your own Moncler jackets for men and women online at Soho Soho and be sure to welcome the cold in style and elegance.

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