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Women’s and men’s jeans

Women’s and men’s jeans have come a long way from their original design

Jeans were made originally for cowboys and mine workers in the late 1800’s. Their hard denim fabric made them ideal to withstand hard labor so it was a clothing item reserved for work and not everyday use. However, during the 1950’s, blue jeans became popular and the rest of course is history. Women’s and men’s jeans are the most popular type of trousers and pants today and there probably isn’t a wardrobe in the world that does not have at least one pair. Women’s and men’s jeans have come a long way from their original design. There are high and low rise jeans options, cropped, flared, tailored, boot cut, slim, skinny and so many others. Although the blue jean remains the most popular, jeans come in all colors and can be worn in almost all occasions. paired with a white shirt and a pair of high heels, the blue jean becomes an appropriate option for a dinner date. Worn with a blazer and a tie it can also serve as work attire in some offices. Versatile and comfortable, women’s and men’s jeans have become a staple for any wardrobe.

High and low rise jeans

Find high and low rise jeans online

At Soho Soho your choices are endless. We have a very vast selection of women’s and men’s jeans to suit your every need. Choose a high waisted pair for your fashionable lunch with friends or a skinny pair for your evening outfits. Invest in a classic boot cut style or a fun and fashionable ripped pair to elevate your casual style. The carefully selected designer jeans section is sure to cater to your personal style and provide you with essential options as well as statement pieces. Colored, distressed, black, high and low rise jeans are an indispensable item in your fashion wardrobe that serves function and fashion and delivers comfort as well as style. So shop for them online at Soho Soho and have them delivered to your door at the click of a button.

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