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Espadrilles for men and women

Espadrilles for men and women are a summertime favorite

Espadrilles for men and women are flat and sometimes high heeled, casual shoes made from esparto rope, a wiry Mediterranean rope made from grass. The esparto rope evolved into the french espadrille term used to describe the fashionable shoe that first appeared 4000 years ago. Espadrilles can have a cotton, canvas, linen, leather, suede and every material imaginable upper part and they can be open or closed toed, have open or closed backs but the common denominator is the characteristic wired sole. Traditionally they had laces that would tie around the ankle, securing the shoe in place and were worn both by men and women but nowadays the styles have evolved to include laces, straps or exclude them all together. They were considered to be a peasant’s choice and were worn by the lower classes but nowadays, the espadrille is an absolute favorite for everyone. They became very popular in the US when they appeared on the silver screen worn by Lauren Bacall in the 1940’s and in the 70’s, Yves Saint Laurent brought them back into the spotlight. Today, espadrilles are a staple for any summer wardrobe and the designs, materials and styles are countless catering to male and female fashion needs.

Espadrilles and sandals

Find stylish Espadrilles and sandals online at Soho Soho

At Soho Soho you can find Espadrilles and sandals in a variety of colors, materials and styles. Find your black suede pair for all your spring outfits, discover casual white canvas options and numerous others from our shoes section. Platform or flat, espadrilles and sandals are an absolute must have for your summer shoe collection. Shop online for a leather pair for men or a lace up women’s option to accompany all your floral dresses. Finding your size and style is made easy by our sorting tools where you can even narrow down your options by color. So make pair of espadrilles for men and women part of your wardrobe and add comfort and style to any of your outfits.

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