Born in 1914 to one of Florence’s most illustrious families, the Marquis Emilio Pucci di Barsento naturally embodied the jet set glamour of post-war Italy. His designs featured sensual, free-flowing lines that followed the natural curves of the body - effortlessly elegant clothing which took women from day to evening...A major influence in contemporary fashion, Emilio Pucci’s legacy continues to be a seminal force behind the birth of the “made in Italy” style and a milestone in Italy’s luxury sportswear concept.
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Don Emilio Pucci was born in 1914 in Naples and into one of the most famous and noble families of Florence. His designing career started by creating skiing outfits and his designs came to the public attention in 1947. He was the first to ever design the classic one piece ski suit we are so accustomed to today. A year after that, he went on to establish the Emilio Pucci Haute Couture house on the isle of Capri, in the fashionable Canzone del Mare resort. Using his stretch fabric expertise, he created a swimwear line in 1949 but came to be known by his iconic scarf collections and the Emilio Pucci dress, the first wrinkle-free silk dress. Emilio Pucci clothes are immediately recognizable by the colourful, kaleidoscopic prints and have been renowned and worn by celebrities and royalty for many decades. Marilyn Monroe became a fan of his work and was seen wearing his creations on numerous occasions. In some of her last photographs, the legendary movie star was wearing a printed Emilio Pucci dress. Emilio Pucci clothing lines transcend the practical ready to wear world of fashion by merging it with the couture realm making the Emilio Pucci name a true fashion legend.

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At Soho Soho, the Emilio Pucci clothing line includes everything from elegant shoes, expertly crafted bags and handbags to simple-chic tops, silk blouses, classy sneakers and of course dresses. Make an iconic mini or maxi Emilio Pucci dress a part of your fashion collection. Elevate your casual style with a legendary coat and indulge in a little luxury by gifting yourself a silk scarf. Emilio Pucci clothing items are the epitome of elegance and style, with their colorful prints -unmatched by no other- and they are a true fashion investment for fashionistas and ladies of style alike. So, use Soho Soho boutique as a gateway and dive into the kaleidoscopic world of Emilio Pucci clothing.

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