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Flip flops for women and men

Find the most fashionable flip flops for women and men

Flip flop slippers were named as such due to the “flip flop” sound they make when you walk in them. Traditionally, they are made by two straps that begin from the sides of the foot and meet between the big toe and the second toe, separating the big toe from the rest. They fall under the broad sandal category and they are the single most comfortable shoe in everyone’s wardrobe. Historically, there are accounts of flip flop slippers worn as far back as the Egyptian times and they are a staple footwear item, worn by many cultures. In more recent times, they used to be worn solely on the beach or by the pool but, nowadays, flip flops for women and men are appropriate for other casual outings that do not necessarily include water and sand. For that reason, they are no longer made only from rubber but other materials have been included such as leather and cork. Flip flop slippers come in a huge variety of colors and designs and are an important item in any summer outfit collection.

Flip flop slippers

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At Soho Soho you can find flip flops for women and men in a very big variety of colors and designs. A simple black pair that can go with any outfit or a colorful choice to make a statement with your plain t’s and summer shorts are essential for your summer wardrobe. Also, a pair of designer, leather flip flop slippers is indispensable for your casual outings while vacationing. You can match them to your summer dresses and Bermuda shorts or even your more fashionable outfits. In silver or gold, flip flips for women and men can become a casual evening option for those summer nights that a canvas shoe simply will not do. So shop online for that summer staple that is essential for your comfort and style and have it delivered to your door just in time for the summer.

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